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May 26 2020

Spaghetti Bridges

These young engineers proved that triangles really are the strongest shape with their spaghetti bridges, capable of holding up to 3.3kg. Taking inspiration from real-life engineering projects, Dyson campuses feature full-size machines and meeting rooms named after great engineers, such as Emily Warren Roebling, who oversaw the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The spaghetti bridges challenge is one way to kick start a career in engineering.
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Burning fuels such as wood, gas or oil can release VOCs, as well as tiny particulates called PM2.5, which are emitted during combustion. Despite the pleasant smells coming from the kitchen, it’s possible that, as a result, the air contains some of these unwanted pollutants.

Opening the window while you cook or using mechanical ventilation like a purifying fan will filter out the pollutants, helping reduce your exposure to them. Moreover, try to ensure that kitchen appliances such as ovens or stoves are fully vented and are installed, used and maintained correctly.


It is a cruel juxtaposition that when we clean our homes, we can simultaneously be dirtying the air that we breathe. VOCs from fragrances used in cleaning products evaporate into the air at room temperature, forming vapours we can breathe in.

To minimise exposure, look for cleaning products labelled as allergy-friendly, which may contain lower levels of VOCs. Avoiding sprays and using solid or liquid cleaning agents can also help to reduce the airborne pollution from these products. vacuuming your home will help to remove house dust, which is a mixture of dirt, house dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other particulates that may be polluting your indoor air. Watch here

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